"POLSKI w obrazkach" set of teaching boards, Polish for foreigners

"POLSKI w obrazkach 1" set of teaching boards
Polish for foreigners

Can a classroom be part of the teaching process? Naturally! Appropriately arranged space in a language classroom stimulates cognitive processes and supports the processes of remembering. The walls displaying teaching aids “speak” to students and help in teaching new skills. Carefully selected suggestive photographs and pictures illustrate the meaning of: 193 nouns, 63 adjectives, 43 verbs and 30 phrases. They allow new vocabulary to be introduced and consolidated without the need to translate them or use a dictionary. This set of 15 teaching boards is a perfect teaching aid. It contains basic words and phrases which are essential at the initial stage of learning.

TitlePOLSKI w obrazkach 1
authorStempek Iwona
skillsvocabulary practice
number of pages | format | weight15 | A4 | 1100 grams
price 23.00 EUROrder
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