POLSKI krok po kroku – junior: Polish for foreigners - coursebooks and textbooks for juniors and teenagers

POLSKI krok po kroku – junior
Polish for foreigners - coursebooks for juniors and teenagers

  • Make it possible to quickly break the communication barrier
  • Intuitively explain the intricacies of Polish grammar
  • Immerse in the Polish language and encourage speaking from the frst lesson
  • Ideal for group and individual classes

inspirations to speak a wealth of dialogues and recordings varied exercises intuitive grammar tables engrossing storylines

A new version of the best-selling ʹPOLSKI krok po krokuʹ series for children and young people. Interesting, motivating and humorous lessons keep the right balance between grammar and vocabulary as well as perfection of speaking and communication skills. From the very beginning, they are based solely on the Polish language so that they encourage young people to speak and think exclusively in this language.

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