Polish for foreigners - simple short stories in Polish language, A1 level

CZYTAJ krok po kroku
Simple short stories in Polish

  • Adventures of the characters known from the 'POLSKI krok po kroku' series
  • For self-study or as material for group classes
  • Recordings to help perfect listening comprehension and pronunciation
  • In short, good fun for everyone :-)

humorous short stories naturally-sounding language translations in the margin answer key

A collection of short stories at the A1 level that can serve as supplementary material both for self-study and group classes. They can be treated as a revision or a consolidation of the material, homework or an inspiration for games/discussions/role plays, etc.<br> Each volume contains 10 texts for reading and listening. Each short story is followed by diverse vocabulary and grammar exercises checking the skill of reading comprehension. At the end, there is a dictionary where the vocabulary from the entire volume has been compiled in alphabetical order.

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