Londyn (Wielka Brytania) interesujące miejsce na szlifowanie języka angielskiego

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This course is for teachers who are teaching another subject, such as geography, history or sciences, and using English to teach the subject.

The course takes a practical approach with discussions and demonstrations of materials. You will work with your tutor to produce a wide range of materials and activities that can be used as part of a CLIL curriculum.

Some subjects that may be covered are:
- Exploring ways to allow learners more contact with the target language
- Using a task-based learning approach to develop students’ speaking skills
- Developing awareness of and responding to different learning styles
- Exploring different approaches to testing and assessment
- Developing students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills

Participants are asked to bring some teaching materials for their subject to use on the course. As CLIL is implemented differently around the world, it is a great opportunity to compare and contrast different experiences.

Take this course to:
- Develop an understanding of the key challenges and benefits of CLIL
- Consider methodology, teaching strategies and skills for use with CLIL
- Adapt materials for language learning in a CLIL subject
- Share ideas from the participants’ classrooms and school context

1. Introduction to the key principles of CLIL
2. Learner styles and learner training
3. Using technology: computer and the language laboratory

1. Limiting L1 in the classroom
2. Ways of allowing learners more contact with the target language
3. Syllabus and course design

1. Developing oral communication skills
2. Exploring techniques for correcting oral errors
3. Using task-based learning to develop speaking skills
4. Integrating pronunciation: activities to help with sounds, stress and intonation

1. Developing students' reading and writing skills
2. Exploring ways of exploiting written texts for cross-curricular language
3. Using project work in the classroom

1. Developing subject specific materials
2. Evaluating, selecting and adapting published and authentic materials for a CLIL curriculum
3. Course review

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

bilard *, bowling *, cycling *, fitness *, ice scating *, sport in park, sports tournament, tennis *

bicycle tours *, boat cruises *, city tour/walk, concerts *, conversation practice, cultural activities, cultural events and festivals, guided city tours *, international evenings, museum visits, orientation tour, sightseeng, theatre or cinema visit *, walking tour

The London Eye *, British Museum, National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, Royal Academy of Arts, Science Museum, Brighton *, Cambridge *, Oxford *

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne

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