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University of Edinburgh

Entry Requirements/ Participants
The course is open to native and non-native speakers of English with at least two years’ language teaching experience, not necessarily in the field of ESP.

Teaching English for Medicine provides guidance for those involved in (or expecting to be involved in) the teaching of English to doctors, medical students or nurses.

Course objectives
- To provide a knowledge base for medical English teaching
- To acquaint participants with medical English resources
- To encourage participants to plan or reassess their own practice in course design and methodology
- To enable participants to plan lessons for their own teaching situation, using textbooks and authentic source material.

The course begins with consideration of the role of the teacher of medical English and the kind of knowledge required. Then the main "target situations" of language use are described: talking to patients, presenting cases, reading textbooks and journals, and reporting research. Next we consider methodology and materials: topics include developing skills, constructing and managing tasks, and materials design and testing. Time is allowed for class observation and exploring resources in IALS, libraries, and medical bookshops. The course ends with workshop sessions on course design and materials development, and discussion of possible changes that participants may make in their own teaching. The course is intensive, with at least 35 contact hours in addition to time for class observation and consultation of resources.

The course consists of a varied pattern of lectures, seminars, workshops, observation and self-directed activities. On the whole the mode is interactive; and participants are encouraged to pool their experiences so that they can establish what is common and generalisable in teaching English for medical purposes, and what is specific to their own situations.


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