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Playa del Carmen is the perfect location for students to learn Spanish. It's also a great place to learn how to dive. The town has several diving schools but we have chosen to work with one of the most experienced, Geofish Dive.

Geofish's diving instructors are all fully qualified PADI tutors (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and their equipment meets the rigorous safety standards imposed on the industry. They also speak several languages, so if their instructions in Spanish aren't clear, these can readily be translated.

We offer two courses:
A. Diving for Beginners: a 4-day course leading to the PADI Open Water certificate for dives of up to 18 meters.
B. Advanced Diving Course: a 2-3 day course that leads to the PADI certificate for dives up to 30 meters.
All dives and other activities are programmed so as not to clash with the Spanish lessons taken in the mornings.

hiszpański+nurkowanie [20 lessons/week]
intensity20×55 minutes per week
Group sizeto 8 students (average 3)
language levelsA0–C2
age16+ years old
Course duration (weeks)
course fees123
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course 1 week
limitations n/a

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course 2 weeks
limitations n/a

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course 3 weeks
limitations n/a

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1. Cena końcowa uzależniona jest od dopłat sezonowych w określonych terminach (aby poznać cenę końcową w wybranych datach kliknij w pole ZAPISZ SIĘ lub skontaktuj się z nami).

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