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Google and Microsoft for Education – EPB-NT3
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Most of us use Google on a daily basis primarily as a search tool or as an email provider. Few people, however, are aware of the potential Google provides as a source of tools and applications, which can also be of great educational use inside and outside the classroom. The first week of the course aims at guiding educators in finding such new effective ways to incorporate a variety of Google tools and applications into the classroom. The course will commence with techniques around searching more accurately and effectively using Google. Participants will hence get familiar with the possibilities afforded by tools such as Google Classroom to connect and collaborate more effectively with students. Google Docs, Forms, and Slides will also be used to collaborate while working on educational projects using applications such as Google Earth, Google My Maps, and Google Arts and Culture. Finally, the research benefits of Google Scholar will be investigated during the week. By the end of this training, participants will have a greater practical knowledge of the educational possibilities available across the Google ecosystem and how they can plan projects, connect with students and help to unleash student creativity.

The second week of the course will allow teachers to discover the enormous power of the Microsoft 365 platform, revealing tools and techniques, which they can incorporate into their teaching. The course will cover all the most relevant programs of the Microsoft family: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Sway, Stream, One Note, Teams, One Drive and Share Point:
- Although applications such as Word and PowerPoint are already widely used, participants will learn how to harness the more advanced techniques of classic tools. Excel is often vastly underestimated, so teachers will discover how to analyze data in a faster and more effective way, learning how to filter and format spreadsheets, and automate functions with the use of macros.
- Sway is a relatively unknown program, and this course will demonstrate how to create impressive interactive presentations for use in the classroom, with a focus on the simple process of sharing them with students and colleagues. In addition to these presentations, Stream allows teachers to create a dynamic video database as a platform to share video lessons and content with students in a more controlled manner.
- One Note is an extremely useful tool that allows participants to deliver lessons to their classes in a more interactive way, creating stimulating and interesting content for your students. Teachers will also become familiar with Teams, an application that connects students and colleagues in group conferences, enabling clear and effective communication between separate groups.
- The course will also show participants how to use One Drive as a powerful cloud storage space, allowing teachers to access their content everywhere. Finally, it will be revealed how to use SharePoint to create websites for use as a sharing platform for all educational content.


Areas included in this 2-week program are:
- Using Google search more effectively and critically analyzing returned results;
- Using Youtube with greater effectiveness;
- Connecting and collaborating using the Google ecosystem;
- Creating new projects and class activities using Google Earth and Google Arts and Culture;
- Building a simple website using Google Sites.
- Microsoft Word, PowerPoint: advanced use of the classic tools;
- Microsoft Excel: in-depth, automated functions with macros, sharing data in a proper way;
- Microsoft One Note: create a full lesson plan, embedding content in your pages and share Class Notebooks and exercises with your students;
- Microsoft Sway: create interactive presentations;
- Microsoft Teams: organize a group video-conference;
- Microsoft Stream: open, manage and use the Stream gallery to create videos to use in your classroom;
- Microsoft One Drive: learn how to manage all your files from the same place;
- Share Point: create a website in with you can upload files, materials, plan lessons, link a video repository, share content, and receive content from your students.

1) MONDAY – Introduction to the course
- Introduction to the course, the school, and the external week activities;
- Icebreaker activities;
- Presentations of the participants’ schools;
- Google Doodle (an often overlooked educational resource).
2) tuesday – Web education, web search and collaboration on google
- Google web search education and practical examples;
- Google and web security;
- Google Classroom to connect and collaborate.
3) WEDNESDAY – Google Paperwork
- Google Drive, Docs and Forms;
- Google Sites (build a simple site without code);
- Creating Quizzes.
4) THURSDAY – Using effective Google tools
- Google Earth;
- Google My Maps;
- Google Arts and Culture;
- Using YouTube more effectively.
5) FRIDAY – Projects and Presentations using Google tools
- Project preparation;
- Project presentations.

- Course closure
- Course evaluation: round-up of acquired competencies, feedback, and discussion;
- Cultural activities
- Excursion and other external cultural activities.

6) MONDAY - Course introduction and intro to Microsoft 365
- Course introduction
- Introduction to the course, the school, and the external week activities;
- Icebreaker activities using drama for trust and ensemble building;
- Identification of needs and goals for each participant and relevant populations.
- Intro to Microsoft 365
- Introduction to the Microsoft 365 platform: general description and analysis of its tools and potential;
- Possible targets and outcomes;
- Presentations of the participants’ schools.
7) TUESDAY – The classic programs
- The classic programs: learning how to use known programs (such as Word, Power Point and Excel) in a deep way, exploring the less used features and the most useful tools applicable inside of the learning environment.
8) WEDNESDAY– Using One Note in an educational setting
- Building a complete lesson plan using One Note;
- Discovering how to use Sway in order to create engaging and interactive presentations.
9) THURSDAY - Teams and stream
- Teams and Stream: with these programs participants will be able to organize and share educational videos and material with students and to create an on-line shared environment where to easily communicate with other users (can be students, teachers or parents).
10) FRIDAY – One Drive
- Discovering One Drive, a space where you can store your educational material and manage it in a productive and efficient way;
- Learn how to use Share Point in order to create a web page with a lot of interesting possibilities that will allow you to make the teacher’s job easier and more engaging.
- Course evaluation: round-up of acquired competencies, feedback, and discussion;
- Awarding of the course Certificate of Attendance;

angielski nowe technologie w nauczaniu [20 lessons/week]
intensity20×60 minutes per week
Group sizeto 15 students (average 0)
language levelsB2–C2
age21+ years old
course dates* all levels including absolute beginners
  • 2022-01-17
  • 2022-02-21
  • 2022-03-21
  • 2022-04-18
  • 2022-05-16
  • 2022-06-20
  • 2022-07-18
  • 2022-08-15
  • 2022-09-19
  • 2022-10-17
  • 2022-11-21
Course duration (weeks)
course fees2
Reserve an option:
course 2 weeks
limitations n/a

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