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General English + Using Drama, Music and Culture in the Classroom (Primary) – GCI-D
Galway Cultural Institute

The English Teacher Training: Drama, Music and Culture Programme is a highly practical course for teachers of English; CLIL teachers who also teach other subjects and even future teachers of English who are currently engaging in English teacher training. This English teacher training course is a specialist programme aimed at those teaching at primary or secondary level who wish to have an Erasmus+ experience in Ireland with a focus on utilising music, drama and culture in the classroom. You will focus on many practical classroom ideas; tried and tested teaching materials; English teaching methodologies all while developing your own language awareness. You will learn from an expert faculty on how to teach your own subjects though English with Drama, Music and Culture and leave the course with a host of new activities and approaches to use with your own learners.

If you would like to improve your own language while refreshing tried and tested methods in addition to exploring and experiencing new classroom ideas and materials this Teacher Training Programme Erasmus+ Drama, Music and Culture is the perfect choice. Participants in this Erasmus+ Ireland experience require a B2 (CEFR) level of English or above (an online pre-test is required). This may be the course for you:
- If you are a primary or secondary teacher who is now using English in the classroom or will in the future this is the Erasmus+ course for you.
- If you are a teacher who enjoys incorporating music and drama into your lessons and would like to learn more.
- If you would like to improve your English language skills.
- If you are interested in new English teaching ideas, activities and highly practical activities you’re your classroom
- Keen attention is paid to the the latest in English teaching materials and thinking with the course geared to the practical applications in the classroom. The course is structured in a way that allows participants to further develop teaching skills through an interactive approach through drama, culture and music.

The benefits of using drama, music and culture in the classroom are enormous. Using drama provides a valuable means of activating the language that you want to teach. Through the use of drama-based activities your learners will engage in many more meaningful interactions in English benefiting acquisition, confidence and retention. Classroom benefits include:
- Simulation of more authentic English conversations
- An increase in learner confidence
- Increased awareness of language in use
- Activating English through drama and music training

Music is an integral part of the Irish culture and using music in the learning environment is a key element of this Erasmus+ course. Using music has many advantages and can help to introduce a new theme or topic; break the ice in a class where learners don't know each other or are having difficulty communicating; change the mood (liven things up or calm things down) and teach and build vocabulary and idioms.

Culture is a great topic for discussion because although all of us teachers are busy teaching our learners English, we cannot forget that teaching a language is as much a cultural exchange as it is anything else. Linking lesson content to learners’ lives and culture assists in building rapport and a greater cross cultural awareness, breaking down cultural barriers and in helping with learner motivation.

The goals of this Teacher Training Erasmus+ programme are as follows:
- To focus on drama, music and culture-based materials and explore ideas in new materials development
- To improve participants’ English language skills and work on their personal language goals
- To equip teachers of English with the greater confidence and further enhance teaching skills needed to incorporate drama, music and culture into the classroom
- To explore a wide variety of practical tasks and activities which can be put to immediate use in your own classrooms

When the course finishes, non-native primary ELT teachers will have improved their teaching skills in the following areas:
- Assessing the suitability and adaptability of drama, music and cultural materials for use in the primary school classroom
- Utilising supplementary resources to deliver high quality, dynamic and varied lessons
- Further development of your teaching skills and language awareness
- Development and improvement of your own language skills, improving their knowledge in the areas of pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar

Using different teaching techniques in the classroom can help your learners to stay motivated and enjoy the learning process. Throughout this teacher training Erasmus+ course you will experience new methodologies like role-plays, flashbacks & flash-forwards and story telling. An integral part of this course is micro teaching. This allows you to prepare short lessons and teach them to your fellow teachers. You will have fun and also receive feedback from your tutor and peer teachers in your group.



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