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British life and culture – BLC-PCA
Bell International

Explore current trends in English language and British culture while practising language use, such as idiomatic and colloquial English. We will support you to learn up-to-date idiomatic and colloquial English, explore how the current cultural climate is affecting English and be more aware of changes in English pronunciation and grammar. The course will also explore a variety of effective teaching strategies, activities and techniques that you can use to bring British culture to life in your own classroom. You will be joining a global community of teachers. This fully-inclusive programme includes a series of workshops and talks related to current thinking and trends in the sector, and a full programme of social events for you to explore life and culture in the UK – outside of the classroom.

This course is ideal for experienced teachers who want to fine-tune and update their language and their classroom practice, and develop their understanding of new trends and changes in modern English usage. Teachers must have a minimum language level of Upper-Intermediate B2.

On this course, you will:
- Discover recent changes and developments in English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
- Enhance your English language competencies, including a greater knowledge of idiomatic and colloquial language
- Learn a range of techniques and strategies for presenting and practising new language
- Develop a analytical understanding of different aspects of contemporary British culture
- Strengthen your language competencies and confidence in your own English
- Recognise the link between culture and language and the importance of sharing this with your students
- Develop and disseminate innovative teacher practice internationally

- Cultural climate and influence on English
- Language, gender and political correctness
- Lexical change and development
- Grammar change and teaching implications
- Slang, contemporary phrasal verbs and idioms
- Pronunciation
- Using authentic materials to teach
- British education, media and institutions
- Family life, youth culture and multi-cultural Britain
- Eccentric Britain and humour
- Changing language and teaching culture
- Cross-cultural awareness in the classroom

- 21.5 hours of tuition per week
- Accommodation in a residence, single room en-suite, no meals
- Weekly plenary lecture by well-known ELT speakers
- Weekly workshops on hot topics
- Weekly cultural talk
- Core programme of social and cultural events including a day excursion to London
- End of course certificate

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

basketball, cycling *, darts, football, sports tournament, table tennis, volleyball

art and craft workshops, bicycle tours *, city tour/walk, conversation practice, cultural activities, guided city tours, international evenings, museum visits, orientation tour, pub and restaurant evenings, theme workshops

London *, Ely Cathedral *, Cambridge

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne

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