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Language and Methodology of English Teaching – ACE-T
Anglo Continental

The core of the language and methodology course consists of 20 lessons per week of language teaching methodology and personal language development. In this course, participants will explore and experience lively and creative teaching strategies and teaching aids, gaining ideas designed to refresh their teaching and to extend their own language proficiency. Contexts for language development work will reflect the interests of the group and will include aspects of British life and culture.

1) Monday
- Introduction to the course and ice-breaker
- Examining learner differences and creating tasks for different learning styles
- Review of grammar terminology
- Teaching verb patterns
2) Tuesday
- Phonology: Difficulties for particular learners
- Phonology games and activities
- Key concepts in vocabulary teaching
- Planning a vocabulary lesson
3) Wednesday
- Using new technology: Exploiting an interactive whiteboard
- Using songs and music videos for language practice
- Teaching functional language
- Planning a functions lesson
4) Thursday
- Video observation 1: Teaching language from a text
- Identifying the components of a lesson plan
- Tense and aspect: Checking form and meaning
- Setting up controlled practice activities
5) Friday
- Reading: British customs and traditions
- Evaluating and designing activities to practise reading skills and subskills
- Video observation 2: Task-based learning - Planning a tour of the UK
- Writing a language lesson plan

- Enrolment fee
- Pre-training assessment
- Entry test
- Tuition
- Textbooks and teaching materials
- Virtual learning environment
- Multi-media learning centre for personal study
- Educational Advisory Service
- Student card
- Certificate of Studies
- Orientation tour on first day
- Wi-Fi
- Sports and leisure activities
- Services of the Student Support team

* Students may have their lessons either in the morning or in the afternoon on alternate weeks.


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