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The General Polish Group Course (GL-G) is really popular in our offer. The course consists of 20 lessons per week and it is your decision how many weeks it will last. The effectiveness of language learning rises with time devoted to it. The course gives you solid grammar background, which is essential to communicate in Polish. A lot of time is devoted to developing communicative skills too. Continual practice of the four language skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing) is also offered in every lesson. The lessons are held ifrom 9.00 am till 12.15 or from 12:45 till 16:00, so you will have afternoons and evenings for yourself and for our broad social program.

Before the course start students are given an Entry Exam (written and oral) to assess their level. This helps to place them in an appropriate group and to choose appropriate course books and teaching materials.

polski grupowy [10 lessons/week]
intensity10×45 minutes per week
Group sizeto 8 students (average 6)
language levelsA0–C2
age16+ years old
Course duration (weeks)
course fees2
Reserve an option:
course 2 weeks
limitations n/a

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1. Cena końcowa uzależniona jest od dopłat sezonowych w określonych terminach (aby poznać cenę końcową w wybranych datach kliknij w pole ZAPISZ SIĘ lub skontaktuj się z nami).

2. Transfery z i na lotnisko są opcjonalne i dodatkowo płatne: Kraków Balice (60 EUR w jedną stronę, 120 EUR w obie strony), Warszawa Okęcie (250 EUR w jedną stronę, 500 EUR w obie strony), Katowice Pyrzowice (145 EUR w jedną stronę, 290 EUR w obie strony).

3. Dni wolne 2022-01-06, 2022-04-18, 2022-05-02, 2022-05-03, 2022-06-16, 2022-06-17, 2022-08-15, 2022-10-31, 2022-11-01, 2022-11-11, 2022-12-19, 2022-12-20, 2022-12-21, 2022-12-22, 2022-12-23, 2022-12-26, 2022-12-27, 2022-12-28, 2022-12-29, 2022-12-30.

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