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Advanced Digital Technology in the Classroom – EAS-NT
Easy School of Languages

Digital technology has become an integral part of our lives, and today’s teacher needs to keep abreast with the continuous developments to ensure effective implementation in the classroom. This course aims to keep you up-to-date with the current eLearning/mLearning trends and to exploit the potential of students’ own devices to the best educational effect. Through practical, hands-on sessions you will learn how to create interactive lessons using basic and advanced features of online tools and apps. We will evaluate the validity of these tools and discuss benefits and potential pitfalls, whether in a primary or a secondary school environment.

Applicants must have B1 (Intermediate) level of English or above. Applicants must bring their own laptop and USB stick with a minimum of 4GB capacity. Other devices or hardware will not be sufficient for course workshops.

We will look at the following:
- Concepts: Web 2.0; gamification; BYOD; open source applications, etc.
- Concepts: Cloud computing and Virtual Learning Environments
- Online content creation using LearningApps, Padlet, Mentimeter, etc.
- Online content creation using Aurasma, Kahoot!, etc.
- Blogs and blogging, creating blogs and embedding websites
- Using tools like Hot Potatoes to create online and offline material
- Using YouTube and TED to create videoenhanced lessons
- Using Audacity to create podcasts
- Using multimedia tools for online materials creation, including videos and screencasts
- Using QR codes
**The exact topics covered may vary, depending on participants’ interests and time.

1) Monday
- Web 2.0 / Cloud computing
- BYOD: presentation
- The SAMR Model/Free, semi-free and open source applications
2) Thursday
- Kahoot! - hands-on project/presentation
- Learning Apps: Introduction; Matching; Quizzes; Pinouts - hands-on project/presentation
- Padlet
3) Wednesday
- Mentimeter and online polling. Alternative: AnswerGarden - hands-on project
- Tricider - hands on project/presentation
- Wordle - hands-on project; Alternative resources
4) Thursday
- Hot Potatoes - hands-on project/presentation
- Armored Penguin - hands-on project
- Creating QR Codes with QRStuff-com. Creating printable handouts with LibreOffice/MS Office
5) Friday
- Videos (TED and TED4ESL): Application in class, Demonstration and discussion
- Filmenglish.com: News websites; Podcasts. Application in class and discussion
- Podcasts: Creating podcasts. Application in class


6) Monday
- Tools for teachers. Introducing Cloud Accounts Google Drive
- Creating a simple website with Google Sites
- Learning platforms: LMSs & VLEs. Creating virtual classes with Google Classroom
7) Tuesday
- Blogs and blogging. Pros and Cons. Creating a Blogger account. Managing posts
- Uploading activities on Blogger: Creating Pages, Other Blogger Features, Embedding other websites
- Hands-on project - creation and presentation
8) Wednesday
- Multimedia Creation Tools Using VSDC to edit videos
- Screencasts - Their function in the classroom. Creating screencasts with Open Broadcaster Software
- Hands-on project - creation and presentation
9) Thursday
- Creating and editing audio. Exploring basic functions of Audacity
- Installing and using Capture2text / Freemake Video converter / Bitly URL shortener
- Hands-on project - Applying varying tools to create a workable resource. Presentations
10) Friday
- Using Digital Technology to create projects in and outside the classroom
- Students as producers - helping learners create their own projects
- Conclusion. Reflecting on present and emerging technology in the classroom

- Lessons per week: 30 lessons/week (20 Presentation + 10 Workshop)
- Lesson duration: 1 lesson = 45 minutes
- Minimum age: 21+
- Class size: maximum 12

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

bowling *, cycling *, diving *, horse riding *, surfing *, windsurfing *

boat cruises *, boat party *, cheese & wine tasting *, city tour/walk, conversation practice, cultural activities, dinner in a typical restaurant *, international evenings, jeep safari *, museum visits, pronunciation lessons/workshops, pub and restaurant evenings, school party, theatre or cinema visit *, wine tasting *

Mdina *, Valetta *, Gozo *, Comino *, Blue Lagoon *, Sicily *

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne



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