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Pronunciation – HTN-T4
Edinburgh School of English

Teachers choose this course to be exposed to new ideas and techniques, to meet colleagues from around the world and share practice, and to develop professionally in a supportive and inspiring learning environment. Our courses are aimed at overseas teachers engaged in planning and/or delivering ELT programmes. The courses provide training for teachers whose first language is not English.

Pronunciation Course aims
To become aware of the key role that phonology plays in improving communication for all students at all levels
To recognise the challenges that English presents when learning and improving speaking and comprehension skills
To give participants the opportunity to understand the rules and structures that can be used to improve communication through speaking and understanding and look at how to apply these through the supporting activities, tasks, and resources

Course programme
- Preparation
All participants are required to fill in a pre-course questionnaire. It is very important that this is returned at the earliest opportunity as the course is pre-planned based on this. The course content is outlined and discussed on the first afternoon, and is then adapted as appropriate. Participants should bring some examples of stories from their own countries.

Description of training content:
1) Monday
- The world of sound
- The challenges of speaking and understanding English: Letters vs Sounds
2) Tuesday
- Vowel Sounds - 5 Vowel letters; 20 Vowel sounds
- Vowel Sounds. Sound chart. 'Edinburgh'/schwa sound
3) Wednesday
- Consonant Sounds. Voiced/unvoiced
- Consonant Sounds. Final consonant sound verbs t, d, id plurals s, z
4) Thursday
- Word Stress. Rules of syllables and word stress
- Sentence Stress. Rules of sentence stress. Practical applications
5) Friday
- Assimilation, Intrusion, Linking, Intonation
- Practical application of everything learned through "Storytelling'"

During July and August, a supplementary school in the city centre is used due to the number of students. This course may take place at the supplementary school.

In addition to the course programme, a variety of social and cultural activities are available to participants throughout the week, helping them to get to know Scotland.

Przykładowe zajęcia dodatkowe:

basketball, bilard *, bowling *, cycling *, skating *, sport in park, volleyball, piłka nożna

boat cruises, city tour/walk, concerts, cultural activities, cultural events and festivals, guided city tours, guided museum tours, international evenings, live music / music nights, orientation tour, pub and restaurant evenings, sightseeing with a guide, visits to music festivals, ceilidh *

National Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Scottish Parliament, Loch Ness *, Liverpool *, The Lake District *

* zajęcia dodatkowo płatne

angielski dla nauczycieli [20 lessons/week]
intensity20×60 minutes per week
Group sizeto 12 students (average 0)
language levelsB2–C2
age17+ years old
course dates* all levels including absolute beginners
  • 2020-08-10
Course duration (weeks)
course fees1
Reserve an option:
course 1 week
limitations n/a

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host family, pokój jednoosobowy, half board?
Distance from school 40 min. by foot, 25 min. by public transport
prywatna łazienka no
ręczniki yes
internet no
dostęp do kuchni no
sprzątanie n/a
deposit no
telewizja yes
accommodation from niedzieli to soboty
limitations n/a
Reserve an option:
course 1 week
host family room 1-person
Board half board
Additional information:
Distance from school 40 min. by foot, 25 min. by public transport
bathroom no
internet no
limitations n/a

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Shared flat, pokój jednoosobowy, self catering?
Distance from school 15 min. by foot
prywatna łazienka yes
ręczniki no
internet no
dostęp do kuchni yes
sprzątanie raz w tygodniu
deposit no
telewizja no
accommodation from niedzieli to soboty
length 1–8 tyg.
Reserve an option:
course 1 week
Shared flat room 1-person
Board self catering
Additional information:
Distance from school 15 min. by foot
bathroom yes
internet no
limitations n/a
dopłaty sezonowe:
01-08-2020—31-08-202034.44 EUR

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1. Transfery z i na lotnisko są opcjonalne i dodatkowo płatne: Edinburgh Airport (76 EUR w jedną stronę, 152 EUR w obie strony).

2. Dni wolne 2020-01-01, 2020-04-10, 2020-12-24, 2020-12-25.

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